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Daily Thoughts - 11/27/2014

Daily Thought: If you use the readings for the Mass of Thanksgiving Day in the Gospel you hear the story of the ten lepers (Luke 17:11-19) once again. We had the same story about two weeks ago. It is a rich and challenging story especially as we come together across our nation to celebrate this special day in our history.

Daily Prayer - 11/27/2014

Daily Prayer: Loving God of all thankfulness, your gifts of love and goodness are infinite, help us to pause this day and every day with gratitude for your kindness, mercy and love. Open our hearts to have concern for every person so that all may share your gifts. Finally help us to always recognize your gifts and return to give thanks! Amen!

Daily Blessing - 11/27/2014

Daily Blessing: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope the weather has not made your travel or gathering today too difficult. I pray that you are where you want to be or are in the process of getting there safely!

I am going to take my prayer of blessing today from one that I offered you a few days ago.

Daily Thoughts - 11/26/2014

Daily Thought: "Great and wonderful are all your works, Lord, mighty God!" the refrain for the responsorial psalm today. What a wonderful thought to consider as we enter a new day. However if we read on in our Gospel for today Jesus tells us, that persecution, pain, struggle and difficult time are ahead if we believe. He says these struggles and persecutions will come from everywhere they can even come from our family.