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Daily Prayer - 03/04/2015

Daily Lenten Prayer: Loving God help us today and always to be your disciples. Teach us the value of good works for others. Grace us with the energy and spirit that will make us joyous servants with a willingness to give of the gifts we have for the good of others and the Kingdom. Bestow upon us an abundance of your compassionate love so that we have the strength to walk down any road in life knowing you will never leave us alone! Amen!

Daily Blessing - 03/04/2015

Daily Blessing: Wednesday greetings and blessings to all! I hope all of you have gotten off to a good start today and may your day to be blessed with many good things and many encounters with God’s grace. If it hasn’t been a good start to the day hang in there I am praying that your day will only get better.

Daily Thoughts - 03/04/2015

Daily Thoughts: Usually when I hear today's Gospel the thought that comes into mind is, "Right question, wrong time!" What I mean by this is that Mrs. Zebedee asks the right question but it at the wrong time. She wants the best for her sons; she wants eternal life, who doesn't? It is the goal of every person of faith. Yet if we listen to the passage closely, Jesus has just talked to them about what lies ahead, he has shared with them the reality of his Passion and Death.

Daily Prayer - 03/03/2015

Daily Prayer: Loving God, we pray today not just for ourselves but also for those who lead us. Give us and all in leadership the wisdom to see the value of humility and service. Help us to overcome the desires of entitlement, power, influence and status. Grant us the grace to be compassionate, hope filled and loving servants and shepherds. Guide us with your love so that everything we do will show the saving power of God. Amen!

Daily Blessing - 03/03/2015

Daily Blessing: Tuesday greetings and blessings to all, I hope your day has started off well and that it will continue to be a good day for you. If it has not I pray that it will only get better.

We began our celebration of mission yesterday at St. John the Evangelist Parish in Mahopac, NY. The first day went very well. We had two good sessions in the morning and evening and there was a good great spirit at both. I ask your continued prayers for the faith community at St. John’s and their preacher.