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Daily Thoughts - 04/23/2014

Daily Thoughts: Pope Francis in an address he gave on June 17, 2013 seemed to ask the question - Are we revolutionaries? In this address he said, " There have been so many revolutionaries in history, many indeed. Yet none of them have had the force of this revolution which brought Jesus to us: a revolution to transform history, a revolution that changes the human heart in depth. The revolutions of history have changed political and economic systems, but none have really changed the human heart.

Daily Blessing - 04/23/2014

Daily Blessing: Happy Easter Hump Day everyone! Yes, it is Easter Wednesday so our camel is decked out in Easter eggs and lilies today proclaiming the good news that it is Hump Day. I hope your day has started well and that were ever you are the sun is out or will be out and you will get to enjoy it warmth!

Making A Joyful Noise on Easter Sunday - 04/20/2014

Making a Joyful Noise on Easter Sunday – 04/20/2014

“If we think that things are not going to change, we need to recall that Jesus Christ has triumphed over sin and death and is now almighty. Jesus Christ truly lives…. Christ, risen and glorified, is the wellspring of our hope, and he will not deprive us of the help we need to carry out the mission which he has entrusted to us.

Easter Sunday Blessing - 04/20/2014

Easter Sunday Blessing: Happy Easter everyone! I hope this finds you enjoying a beautiful Easter Sunday morning. In a couple of hours I am off to celebrate the 11:30 am mass at St. Barnabas Parish in the Bronx. It will bring an end to my Lenten and Holy Week journey this year. It has been a busy one but also a faith filled one. I thank all of you for your prayers and good thoughts they certainly helped to keep me focused and spirit filled.

Easter Sunday Prayer - 04/20/2014

Easter Sunday Prayer: Loving God, you gift us today with Easter hope. We thank you for the journey that you made from Bethlehem to Calvary. We thank you for all that you have shared with us, taught us and lived for us. Grace us now with an Easter faith that looks into an empty tomb and believes. Enliven our heart to be on fire with the hope that your love is everlasting. May the Easter mystery make us proclaimers of your Word and carriers of your Light. May we truly be joy filled Easter people today and always! Amen!