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Daily Prayer - 05/25/2015

Daily Prayer: Loving God, we thank you for wanting to enter our lives. Help us to let go of the things we think are so important yet they always seem to stand in the way of your presence in our lives. Grace us with the strength to open the door of our hearts today, so that as we ask you to come in nothing will stand in the way of our love for you. We want you to make our hearts your home, today and always. Amen!

A Runner's Thoughts - 05/25/2015

A Runner’s Thoughts: As you run today try to make you run a God-centered run. In other words make your run a run in which you honor God through the voices of nature. Let yourself experience all the sounds of nature around you as you run; the wind, the trees, the leaves. Listen to the sounds of water if you run near a creek, river or the ocean.  Smell the scents of nature around you. Remember in the Psalms, the rivers clapped and the ocean roar in praise of God, so join in the chorus with your run. Look, purposefully, for signs of God’s creation, offering praise.

Daily Blessing - 05/25/2015

Daily Blessings: Memorial Day greetings and blessings to all! I hope you are enjoying your day. Today is certainly a day to remember all who serve our country in the military and all who have given their lives over the years is service protecting our freedom. We pray that someday we will find a way to live in peace so that people will never have to train for and fight in war again!

Daily Thoughts - 05/25/2015

Daily Thoughts: What do we learn from the story of the rich young man in today’s Gospel, (Mark 10: 17-27)? Well I guess you could say we learn many things. We learn that it is hard to let go of things we think are important. We learn that possessions no matter what they are; money, power, possessions, fame, wealth, can hold us back from a relationship with God. We learn that while at times things seem impossible nothing is impossible for God!

Daily Prayer - 05/24/2015

Daily Prayer: Breathe in us, O Holy Spirit, that our thoughts, our ideas, our words, may all be holy. Act in us, O Holy Spirit, that our works, our labors, our actions, our living of life too, may be holy. Embrace our hearts, O Holy Spirit, that we may love and be love in a holy way. Strengthen us, O Holy Spirit, that our lives may represent all that is life giving and holy. Protect us, O Holy Spirit, that we always may be your gifts of hope and life in this world. Amen! (Adapted for a Prayer to the Holy Spirit by Saint Augustine)