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Daily Prayer - 12/01/2015

Daily Prayer: Loving God, helps us today to embrace your Gospel with imagination seeing a world touched by your presence and love. May we be your prophets, who by our words, our works, our faith and our imagination keep alive your gift of hope within this struggling world! Amen!

Daily Blessing - 12/01/2015

Daily Blessing: Tuesday greetings and blessings to everyone! I hope this finds you well and enjoying the beginning of a new day and the beginning of December. May this wonderful month of Advent and Christmas be a truly special time in your life!

Daily Thoughts - 12/01/2015

Daily Thoughts: Did you ever take time to watch little children? Periodically, I get to spend time with two of my grandnieces. Usually I am with them for a few days and often if it is not a holiday with many others around I get a chance to spend some quality time with them. When this happens they often involved me in their day to day lives and I am able to sit back and just watch them. It amazed me how they often make anything they have into a simple play toy, boxes, board games, a piece of ribbon or string, everything seems to come to life.

Daily Prayer - 11/30/2015

Daily Prayer: O God of all who wait, grace us today with your gift of peace and help us to see, to find, to recognize your gift in ourselves and in all we meet. Grace us with your gift of faith that we might bring healing to each moment of life. Grace us with your hope that we might find you in each person and every moment of life even though we are unworthy to have you enter under our roof! Grace us with your joy in life this day and always! Amen!