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Daily Prayer - 07/06/2015

Daily Prayer: Loving God, help us today and always to be open to the gift of your presence in our life. Grant us the strength to be people who can place our trust in you. Help us to see how active your presence is in our life and in the world around us. Give us the willingness to spread the Good News of your love to all we meet. Amen!

A Runner's Thoughts - 07/06/2015

A Runner’s Thoughts: As prayerful runner we always seem to find it inadequate to sit and wait for the Spirit to appear. As prayerful runners, we always want to run towards God but if we are prayerful runner’s what we always find is that God is running toward us at twice the speed! (Adapted from Roger Joslin – Running the Spiritual Path)

Daily Thoughts - 07/06/2015

Daily Thoughts: Two thoughts come to mind this morning concerning our readings today. The first is that I think all of us have been in Jacob’s (Gen. 28:10-22a) sandals at one time or another. Jacob is on a journey, he is in search of a wife. He stops for the evening to rest and encounters a special place. He encounters a place of connection with God that enables him to know of God’s presence and action in his life. He encounters a bridge with God between heaven and earth.

Daily Prayer - 07/04/2015

Daily Prayer: Loving God, bless our beautiful land with its wonderful variety of people, races, cultures, and languages. May we be a nation, a people, of laughter and joy, of justice and reconciliation, of peace and unity, of compassion, caring and sharing. We pray this prayer for a true patriotism in the powerful name of Jesus our Lord. Amen (Adapted from a prayer by Archbishop Desmond Tutu)