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Daily Prayer - 05/05/2016

Daily Prayer: O God of all life, enliven us with the gift of your Spirit to be busy about living not busy about dying today. Help us with your grace to live life to its fullest and not stand gazing back into the past hoping for what was. Today is a new day and may we live it with energy, enthusiasm and faith. Grace our hearts with the fire of your love that we might bring the gifts of faith, hope and love to a world so in need of them. Amen!

A Runner's Thoughts - 05/05/2016

A Runner’s Thoughts: Let us think of each run we make as having two distinct parts. I will call them the outward run and the inward run. The outward run is what we encounter as we run, creation, people, sounds, experiences, how we feel, the distance involved. The inward run is what we encounter about ourselves as we run. How we are feeling. What struggles we have physically, emotionally and spiritually. What we bring on the run that is within us, good and bad. Both parts of our runs are physical, emotional and spiritual.

Daily Blessing - 05/05/2016

Daily Blessing: Thursday greetings and blessings to all and Happy Feast of the Ascension, whether you are in the part of the world celebrating it today or on Sunday! May we always be people who are busy about living!

It looks to be another cloudy and at times rainy day here in western Pennsylvania. The retreat continues to go well. This is the last full day as we will be finishing around noon tomorrow. Please continue to keep the sisters on retreat in your prayers and if possible their preacher too.

Daily Thoughts - 05/05/2016

Daily Thoughts: I know for many of you this is just an ordinary Thursday but for those of us in the eastern part of the United States it is the Feast of the Ascension. This is one of those days when I truly wish the US bishops would get their act together! Decide on either Thursday or Sunday for the whole country rather than some of the people celebrating one day and others celebrating another. For those of you who celebrate the Feast of the Ascension on Sunday you can save my reflections today until Sunday!

Daily Prayer - 05/04/2016

Daily Prayer:  O God of all life, direct our hearts throughout this day in your wonderful Spirit of hope, so that we may know it is you at the center of all we are, all we want, and all we are meant to be. Keep us always faithful to your everlasting Spirit of Life and remind us that in your Spirit that we live, that we move and that we have our very being. Help us to take your breath of Life and live it to the fullest.  Amen!