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Daily Prayer - 04/01/2015

Daily Prayer: At the name of Jesus every knee must bend in heaven, on earth and under the earth and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father! Loving God, help us to always be faithful and may the gods of the world not temp us into betraying our friendship with you. Grace us with the strength to always trust in your presence especially when we struggle. Help us to keep hope and joy alive through your word and sacrament! Amen!

Daily Blessing - 04/01/2015

Daily Blessing: Greetings and blessings to everyone on this Spy Wednesday and welcome to April! I hope you are having a good day and that you have not been caught in an April Fool’s joke so far today. The sun is out here in Pelham though the temperature at this time is a little on the cool side. I think it is supposed to getting a little warmer over the next two days. May the sun warm you up as you journey through you day!

Daily Thoughts - 04/01/2015

Daily Thoughts: Spy Wednesday, (Isaiah 50: 4-9a and Matthew 26: 14-25), the day when we pause to remember Judas’ actions many years ago. A companion, a friend of Jesus yet he allows the forces of darkness, the forces of evil to become more a friend than Jesus.

A Runner's Thoughts - 04/01/2015

A Runner’s Thoughts: If, in running we desire is to connect with God, to pray, then that is what we are doing. Keeping that desire at the forefront of our thoughts and remaining conscious of our intent is very important. Remember seek God and you will find God in every good thing!

Daily Prayer - 03/31/2015

Daily Prayer: Lord Jesus, we thank you for your great love. We are sorry for having troubled you by not embracing, by rejecting, by denying, by betraying your love. Help us to be people of hope, to be people of joy, to be people of faith. Help us to be people who fall in love with you again! You know the weakness of our human hearts. Grace us with hearts alive with your joy filled love. Gift us with faith filled spirits that will help us to make good choices as we journey through this life to the mystery of your everlasting love! Amen!

Daily Blessing - 03/31/2015

Daily Blessing: Tuesday greetings and blessings to everyone! I hope your day is starting out well. It looks like a sunny start to our day here in Pelham and they say we will be a little cooler than yesterday. Hopefully the cooler temperatures will not last too long. It would be nice to see the sun and feel some warmth for at least a few days in a row. Whether your day is warm and sunny or cool may it be one touch by God’s joy!