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Daily Thoughts - 12/20/2014

Daily Thoughts: In these last days until Christmas we are reminded over and over how the Christmas story came to be. We hear about Joseph’s dream and today the Mary’s encounter with the angel Gabriel. Each story is a snap shot of the greater story of God’s human presence in the world. In today’s Gospel (Luke 1:26-38) we are reminded that Mary was truly a believer. Even though she did not know the full extent of her “yes” she proclaimed it anyway. She trusted in God.

Daily Prayer 12/20/2014

Daily Prayer: Loving God, in the spirit of your handmaid, our mother Mary, we pray - Behold your servants, O God – May what you ask of us be lived out by us according to your word, your invitation, your will. Today God, we say “yes” to you! Amen. (Adapted from Mary’s Prayer to the angel Gabriel)

Daily Blessing - 12/20/2014

Daily Blessing: Happy Saturday everyone! I am a little late today with my postings because I had a funeral this morning for a Sister of Charity who died this week and who was very supportive of me when I would celebrate mass at the Convent of Mount St. Vincent. Sr. Maria Therese was a very fine woman and her baptismal name was Rita, which made her special in my book. I was honored to celebrate her mass of resurrection this morning and I trust God welcomed her home as a good and faithful servant to share his joy!

A Runner's Thoughts - 12/20/2014

A Runner’s Thoughts:  “I run because it's my passion, and not just a sport. Every time I walk out the door, I know why I'm going where I'm going and I'm already focused on that special place where I find my peace and solitude. Running, to me, is more than just a physical exercise... it's a consistent reward for victory!” (Sasha Azevedo, actress) I think this quote from Sasha Azevedo not only helps us to understand running but also faith.

Daily Thoughts - 12/19/2014

Daily Thoughts: I had a little sadness in pondering the readings today. Two stories of hope about women who were unable to have children and God blessed them, especially Elizabeth in her advanced years. We have two wonderful stories today alive with the theme that anything is possible with God.

Daily Prayer 12/19/2014

Daily Prayer: Loving God, graciously reveal your love to the world today. May we embrace with integrity of faith the gift of your life and help make the impossible, possible. We continue to pray for families in grief; for little ones whose lives were too short; for teachers, administrators and responders who put others first; for a community that must find a way to live; for all of us who seek a world of lasting peace! God be with us today! Amen!