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Daily Prayer - 05/25/2016

Daily Prayer: Loving God, you are always willing to teach us how to listen. May we be willing to have our ears open and ready to listen to the many ways you teach us today.  Help us to listen to those who enter our life today, and give us the desire to serve and not be served. Help us move toward a greater wholeness in life that does not look to exclude but gifts us with the joy and hope of inclusion because all things are possible with God. Amen!

A Runner's Thoughts - 05/25/2016

A Runner’s Thoughts: Despite the fact that we love to run, there are days when we simply do not feel like running. Running takes discipline but if our discipline is too rigid we can take the joy and fun out of our experience. So let’s run in a way that allows us to find pleasure, fun and joy in the experience.

Daily Blessing - 05/25/2016

Daily Blessing: Wednesday greetings and blessings to all. I hope your day has started well, if not may it become better as the day continues! We have a beautiful sunny day here in Pelham and the temperature is to reach into the 80’s today. I think we are bypassing spring and going right to summer at least for today.

I continue my prayer for expectant mothers, especially my niece Sarah. May the gift of life they carry coming into the world safely and full of life. I also prayer for expectant fathers and grandmothers!

Daily Thoughts - 05/25/2016

Daily Thoughts: Dietrich Bonhoeffer once wrote, “Many people are looking for an ear that will listen. They do not find it among Christians, because Christians are talking when they should be listening.” We might say that in the Gospel today (Mark 10:32-45) Jesus is looking for an ear to listen and what he gets is people who want to talk.

Daily Prayer - 05/24/2016

Daily Prayer: Loving God, in you is found the fullness of life and unconditional Love. We place ourselves in your hands each day, asking that you make holy all that we are, all that we have, and all that we offer you. Keep us firm in our faith and strong in your service. Create in us a new heart that we might meditate on the Passion of Christ, and find a peace that always welcomes us home. Amen!

A Runner's Thoughts - 05/24/2016

A Runner’s Thoughts: “I run because if I didn't, I'd be sluggish and glum and spend too much time on the couch. I run to breathe the fresh air. I run to explore. I run to escape the ordinary. I run… to savor the trip along the way. Life becomes a little more vibrant, a little more intense. I like that.” (Dean Karnazes)