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Daily Thoughts - 10/18/2014

Daily Thoughts: We celebrate the feast of St. Luke, the Evangelist and companion of St. Paul today. In the first reading, (2 Timothy 4:10-17b), we are reminded that St. Paul was not always successful in his relationships. Two of his companions leave him but one, Luke, remains. When St. Paul was challenged in his ministry and he was challenged often, I am sure that he wished that there were more friends there to help him. But the Lord always stood by St. Paul and provided him with the strength necessary to push on.

Daily Blessing - 10/18/2014

Daily Blessing: Happy Saturday everyone! It will be a busy day for me with mass in the morning, confessions and mass in the afternoon and perhaps a hospital visit or two during the day. Then I will have a full slate of masses Sunday beginning with 7:30 am and ending with 7:00 pm. The life of a parish priest! I hope your weekend will not be as busy but I also hope you will find a little time for God too!

Daily Prayer - 10/18/2014

Daily Prayer: Almighty God, you inspired your servant Luke the Evangelist and Physician to set forth in the gospel the love and the healing power of your Son. In faithfully detailing the humanity of Jesus, he also showed the divinity of Jesus and his genuine compassion for all human beings.

May St. Luke intercede for us that we may deepen our understanding of the gospel and grow in compassion of Jesus. May his intercession enable us to follow your way and bring your healing and loving presents to all we meet this day and always. Amen.

A Runner's Thoughts - 10/18/2014

A Runner’s Thoughts: The parish school here in Mount Holly, Sacred Heart is having the Sacred Heart Halloween Hustle 5k Run and Walk today at 9:00 am. I would love to run with everyone but I have mass at 8:30 am so I can’t but I will pray for all the runners and walkers that it will be a fun and safe race!

Daily Thoughts - 10/17/2014

Daily Thoughts: “Do not be afraid.” Jesus’ words toward the end of today’s Gospel. At first glance, this passage from Luke’s Gospel (Luke 12: 1-7) today it is a bit confusing. Jesus first talks about who to fear. We are to fear the one who can take eternal life from us. But then Jesus tells us not to fear because God is with us, God cares, God has our back!

Daily Blessing - 10/17/2014

Daily Blessing: Happy Friday everyone! Yes, we are at the end of another work week and in a few hours our weekend will begin. Now I am aware that for some this is not the end of a work week and that a weekend is often a time of work so for those who face work these next few days hang in there your “weekend,” your “time off” will come! But for those who find themselves at the end of their work week and who are looking forward to the weekend ahead for a little rest and relaxation, TGIF!